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To truly simplify IT in post-virtualization data centers, the “data problem” must be addressed. That means performance, capacity, mobility, manageability, and protection of data are ensured without driving up CAPEX and OPEX. This requires a new data architecture—one that takes a VM-centric approach, ensures adequate IOPS to fuel application requirements, and drives dramatic efficiency.

SimpliVity’s Data Virtualization Platform delivered on hyperconverged infrastructure simplifies IT and operations, and uniquely enables data mobility and efficiency. SimpliVity reduces IOPS, capacity and bandwidth requirements, and provides native data protection, eliminating additional hardware and tools — resulting in a 300% TCO savings.



IT Complexity Challenge

Today’s IT infrastructure environment is a picture in complexity and clutter which inhibits the IT team from delivering the services and support required to the virtual machine (VM) environment, and the business applications that depend on it. But simplification is not easy, and traditional infrastructure architectures only drive further complexity.


Changing the Game

SimpliVity’s OmniCube™ is the industry’s first and only globally federated and hyper-converged infrastructure solution. Designed and optimized for the VM environment, OmniCube is a 2U rack mounted building block that delivers server, storage, and networking services in addition to a complete set of advanced functionality that enables dramatic improvements to the management, protection, and performance of the VMs—all at a fraction of the cost and extreme reduction in complexity compared to today’s traditional infrastructure stack. SimpliVity offers a range of models within the OmniCube portfolio, each optimized for differing environments and use cases.

OmniCube Overview:

  • Deduplicate, Compress & Optimize ALL Data Inline, in Real-Time

    Gain huge data efficiencies across the complete data life cycle of production, backup and DR to maximize ROI and defer CAPEX.

  • Global Federated Management

    Manage across the globe with one tool – VMware vCenter to save time and minimize OPEX.

  • Open Architecture

    Connect any x86 virtual server to leverage existing investments seamlessly.

  • Scale-Out

    Grow without disruption…buy for today, plan for tomorrow.

  • VM-Centricity & Mobility

    Manage VMs, not storage to reduce complexity, streamline migrations, minimize downtime and assign policies at the per-VM level.

  • Cloud Enabled

    Treat the cloud as an extension of the data center to reduce cost and increase agility.

  • Data Protection

    Protect critical data according to business SLAs, at VM-level granularity; built-in feature, not bolted on with external hardware / software.

The only way to achieve equivalent functionality today is by deploying and managing many disparate, independent hardware and software products that are expensive, not well integrated and create a significant management burden.


The Technology

Attacking Complexity at Its Roots

At the root of today’s infrastructure complexity problem is an antiquated data architecture that is not suited for today’s virtualized and cloud-integrated environment. The data is managed in coarse-grained data sets which prevent the fluid data movement required for efficient data mobility across tiers of media, and across the globe.

The key enabler of the OmniCube ultra-functional and efficient system is the underlying data architecture, OmniStack™, which solves the core problem of the legacy stack and delivers an entirely new way of storing, managing and sharing data. OmniStack is an architecture that manages very fine grain data elements of only 4-8 KB. This is accomplished through fast inline deduplication and compression that occurs as the data is ingested by the system. The intelligent management of such small data elements makes the data mobility and fluidity possible, and underlies OmniCube’s key functionality of scale out, replication, high availability, and cloud integration. OmniStack incorporates 3 breakthrough innovations:


A single software stack that assimilates the functionality of multiple traditional IT infrastructure products into a single shared x86 resource pool.

Convergence has evolved from the packaging of existing components to the convergence of servers, networking, and storage. Modern solutions go further and hyperconverge all IT infrastructure and data services for virtualized workloads.

Data Virtualization Platform

The core technology that performs inline data deduplication, compression and optimization on all data at inception, enabling data granularity of just 4-8 KB. The Data Virtualization Platform is powered by the OmniStack Accelerator™ Card, a specialized PCIe card that offloads these compute intensive tasks, enabling OmniCube to deliver enterprise class performance.

Global Federated Management

An intelligent network of collaborative systems that manages billions of fine grained data elements, enabling data movement and sharing across the globe, as well as global VM centric management. One user can manage the entire global infrastructure through one, simple interface.



By replacing the cluttered infrastructure stack, OmniCube delivers the equivalent, performance, functionality and protection at ½-⅓ of the acquisition cost, and with 2-3X improvements in operating expenses.

VM Centricity

Moreover, OmniCube is designed with VMs as the focal point of the IT infrastructure, and empowers a single VM administrator to manage the infrastructure entirely through a familiar console—VMware vCenter.

The OmniCube Global Federation

Two or more OmniCube systems deployed together create the OmniCube Global Federation, a massively scalable pool of shared resources that enables efficient data movement, extensive scalability, and enterprise-class system availability. In delivering its comprehensive set of core infrastructure services and advanced functionality, OmniCube enables the IT team to simultaneously improve the operations, management, and data protection of their VM environment while radically simplifying the IT infrastructure.


Product Family

The OmniCube comes in a variety of sizes and configurations for a range of virtualized workloads.

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